Maintaining excellent condition of your car is mandatory and very much required. A car can get worn away due to its daily activities or even any stray accident. However, immediate repairing is unavoidable. Also, you may wish to give a new look to your old car as it's not always possible to buy cars frequently. A new look with a new color and new innovative car body parts can give a whole different look to your vehicle.
What do we do?
C4AUTOMOTIVE has been dealing with all kinds of car bodywork. The main objective of C4AUTOMOTIVE is to satisfy the customers to the fullest. C4AUTOMOTIVE does all the refurbishment and renovation of any type of car through the auto scratch shop services. Be it painting the car or washing it or repairing it; everything is done very skillfully with much care. Our C4AUTOMOTIVE technicians readily accept any challenge regarding a vehicle's repairing from either a significant scratch to minor scratch. It is the target of us to present the car repaired to such an extent that it looks new. Any scratch repairing services can be availed from our Auto scratch shop services.
Car wash services in Qatar
No-one likes driving a dirty car but generally we do not give much attention to it. Just get your car at our service station and we'll do this job. We have experienced workers who know their work perfectly. We provide experienced labor to clean your car without any damages. We also give service of car detailing wash, tires washing, clean windows, etc. The Car washing service is one thing which no one should ignore. C4AUTOMOTIVE is providing its services with detailing & car washing service. From car cleaning to car washing, to detailing we are providing all types of car washing service in Qatar. We cover all type of cars ranging from luxury car to hatchback and all types of small & big cars. Lastly, it is our goal to provide the ultimate safety and satisfaction to our customers.