Give Your Car a New Classy Look With C4AUTOMOTIVE Qatar! Looking to revive the appearance of your car? C4AUTOMOTIVE offers premium quality vinyl car wrapping services in Qatar.

Some of the car wrapping services are listed below:

  • Interior Car Vinyl Wrapping
  • Gloss Interior Wrap
  • Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Wrap
  • Pearlescent Interior Wraps

We have a pool of car wrap experts who will do your vehicle wraps with precision and utmost care. Our vehicle wrapping process gives a premium quality result and our vast experience and utmost dedication mean you can pick our company with full confidence.

Might be you’re thinking to transport your car to another location, or for some reason, you won’t be using your car for a while and want to leave the car in your driveway. Keeping the car idle for an extended time period can impact negatively the paintwork and body material of the car. But with C4AUTOMOTIVE, you can protect your vehicle against UV rays to damage from insects and animals, environmental contaminants, corrosion, and lots more by hiring our vinyl car wrapping services in Qatar.


Vinyl wrapping will transform the look and feel of your vehicle and parallelly protects the paintwork also to guard it against the elements. And this is applicable not only for brand new cars but also used cars. Suppose you’ve got a used vehicle that is good in every sector except the body color part then also our team can have a fix for it.

Customized car wrapping services in Qatar help to make your car stand apart, put a new life, and assist in enhancing longevity.


Ceramic Paint Protection

We believe- some kind of protection is far better than complete no protection. Ceramic, or Silicon Dioxide paint protection is the top-class standard for your car. It has transformed the automotive detailing industry.

 At C4AUTOMOTIVE Qatar, we have a wide array of Car Detailing and Ceramic Paint Protection services for new and used vehicles.

The good thing is that while guarding your car against the environment, it provides an extra layer of thickness and hardness to your paintwork as well. Generally, Automotive paints come in the bracket of 3-4H on the Mohs scale of hardness. A premium quality Ceramic paint scales up a further 3H, making it highly resistant to scratches.


Paint Protection

We at C4AUTOMOTIVE offer Paint Protection services in Qatar by embracing Paint Protection Film (PPF). It is a durable and virtually invisible film that is molded to your vehicle's surface. It seals in the existing paintwork and enhances it with an additional level of gloss. This kind of film is generally applied to the vulnerable parts of your vehicle such as the hood, bumper, handles, handle cups, and other surfaces.


Window Tinting

C4AUTOMOTIVE provides the top-class Window Tinting in Qatar to protect from outside heat, resisting UV rays, and almost 80% of the infrared heat. Our window tinting services help in protecting you, your passengers, and increasing the interior life of your vehicle.


Vehicle Graphics and Signage

We have expertise in offering stunning and highly effective vehicle graphics signage services in Qatar for your personal car or for your business perspective.  Our creative team does everything from concept to implementing the graphics, logos, and images that reflect your business while you work, park, and drive. Grab the opportunity now! Highly-effective promotion of your business with our vehicle signage!


Whether you want to know about the prices of car vinyl wrapping, ceramic paint protection packages, and window tinting or want to book for vehicle wrapping services in Qatar, feel free to connect with us by calling +97433800001 or drop a mail to us at